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Last of The Malamute Sledders - $15

The hilarious country boy adventure where you sometimes jump, duck or crawl quick enough - often times not. Read more...

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Dog Sledding - British Columbia

Dog Sledding - British Columbia

Dog Sled Supported Overnight Ice Fishing Trip

You cross country ski, snowshoe or hike through a mountainous winter landscape approx. 8 km on a packed trail with a bunch of furry beasts (me included) to a frozen lake land. Will run ATV or Snowmobile also as support (takes a fair amount of gear to stay out overnight comfortably) in winter.

Your Malamates:

Ron: 5 pounds more than when we get back.
Merwin: Team leader ( fur division) ,4 years old - 125 pounds.
Rowdy: His bro , best friend and littermate - 135 pounds.
Shasta: 6 years old - female and smartest dog in the pack, my personal side dog - 105 pounds.
Silver: her sister and littermate - 100 pounds.

This trip is available late November to late March - depending on snow conditions. No sled between Christmas and New Year.

Come and spend a couple of days with some furry friends you'll never forget.

You bring: your own personal outdoor cold weather gear, cross country skis, snowshoes or winter boots.

I'll supply the cold weather, all food and found, fur and forest:

  • Four course steak dinner - 5 course if you catch a fish.
  • Big country breakfast and lunch.
  • Lawn chairs - of course - no stump sitting for this child.
  • Only high quality camping equipment used.
  • Ice auger, all fishing gear supplied,also included: "enthusiastic vocal support as you drill the hole"
  • Duration : two days and one night.

Price: CAD $950 per person, plus tax

Note: My dogs are for supply only, but they will pack you some going down. Not for the weak of limb or timid of nature. Bring your howl - you gonna need it.

Read about this trip under adverse condition in "Last of the Malamute Sledders".

The hilarious country boy adventure where you sometimes jump, duck or crawl quick enough - often times not.

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